Ranking of tablets for potency – the most effective supplements against male problems

Potency ailments can really make sex life unpleasant, disrupting masculinity and self-confidence, driving depressive states and disrupting good relationships in the relationship. Nowadays, however, pharmacology offers ways to eliminate problems with erection and sexual strength. What methods exist? The answer to this question is not as obvious as it might seem. The days when Viagra and other potency tablets containing sildenafil as the main active ingredient were popularly used are gone. Today, natural composites created from well known and used for many years very effective plants with medicinal properties have gained recognition.

Potency tablets – What to choose? RANKING

We present a ranking of potency tablets that are the best in terms of formula, effectiveness and consumer opinion. Our combination will make the selection of a good preparation much easier. When creating this ranking, we took into account the most important criteria such as the quantity and quality of active substances, the method of action, the opinions of specialists and the relation between price and performance or quality.

What tablets can help with male erection problems?

1. Eron Plus

This product deserves the title of the winners in our ranking because of the perfectly selected and well thought-out double formula. These are currently the best potency tablets that have an increased effect. This leads to the treatment of erection problems and all other sexual abnormalities. Eron Plus does not work temporarily like potency tablets with sildenafil content. Eron Plus gives long-lasting results of use, which ensures a strong erection whenever it is needed. This eliminates problems with too little libido and restores masculinity and sexual power to the consumer.

The power of action Eron Plus owes to its rich formula and extensive composition. When you buy this product you will get a package of two packages containing capsules for prophylactic use. It is recommended to use in the morning and at noon, 2 capsules a day. The manufacturer also placed the capsules for use immediately before the intercourse about 2 hours earlier.

What is the action during the treatment? Daily use of these capsules is an injection of substances necessary to maintain proper sexual function at the best possible level. Contains specially selected plant extracts that support testosterone production, add vitality and lead to an increase in libido levels. Their tasks also include stimulating blood circulation in the penis, which allows you to achieve much stronger erections and sexual satisfaction, enjoying better experiences. Capsules taken additionally before sexual intercourse will increase the power of erections, thanks to the presence of L-arginine, which will strengthen the action of daily capsules.

Eron Plus is a rich composition of plant extracts known for their effectiveness, which ensures efficient solution of male problems. These include the ground mace, the roots of matzo and many others. The unique composition of this product is also influenced by vitamins and L-arginine. Such a combination turns into a volcano of sexuality every erotic man who is not satisfied with his own life. Such a double supplement makes us happy:

  • Longer intercourse and stronger orgasm.
  • Erection and excitement without any problems
  • Strong, non-weakening erection when zooming in
  • Better sexual experience, as well as greater desire
  • More vitality and strength

For this product, which is in our ranking, we will pay 47 €. On the manufacturer’s website we can take advantage of numerous discounts appearing there. As part of the promotion when you buy two or three sets of Eron Plus you will receive free packages.

Here you can order Eron Plus.

2. Dr Extenda

Dr Extenda is a real specialist in male troubles. He or she is familiar with all the problems that men face, so he or she knows how to deal with them. The secret of its effectiveness is the skillful use of the most effective natural ingredients and a special selection of them into one, so as to get rid of potency problems once and for all.

The product Dr Extenda is a special blend of perfectly selected plant extracts with the addition of L- arginine. These substances stimulate blood flow in the penis, which at the same time stimulates the production of male hormones, and its regular use gives effects in the form:

  • More erection power.
  • Longer duration of erection, better and longer sex.
  • Get rid of problems while getting the correct erection.
  • Better orgasms.
  • Larger ejaculations.
  • More vitality and life forces.
  • A much higher level of libido and a more frequent desire for sex.

Certainly, a great advantage of a dietary supplement such as Dr Extenda is the use in one dose of a very interesting combination of plant extracts such as maca root, Damian leaf, fenugreek or pomegranate extract. In addition, the manufacturer has improved the product with L-arginine. The package contains 30 capsules for which you have to pay 46 €. It is possible to get free packaging after signing up for a discount club.

Here you can order Dr Extenda.

3. Vigrafast

It is an extremely effective and powerful potency preparation available without a prescription. Vigrafast is another highly advanced product, skillfully eliminating erection problems, lack of libido or unsatisfactory coexistence. It is a supplement recommended for everyday use, and its great advantage is its express action and high doses of active ingredients. However, we do not have to wait long for great results. Each dose of Vigrafast is a powerful injection of the highest quality ingredients, regulating all sexual disorders of men.

The composition Vigrafast was selected just right for people who have problems with erection and obtaining full erection for a long time. It is a supplement created for guys who want to enjoy satisfying sex. Thanks to it you will avoid the fear that you will not rise to the height of the task or that during sex the erection will begin to weaken. It will also help those who finish far too fast. It will allow you to satisfy your partner and extend the duration of the relationship.

Adequate supplementation of Vigrafast supports the male body by regulating the production of testosterone. Improves blood circulation in the penis and removes erection problems. The result of using Vigrafast is an improvement in blood circulation around the penis. Comprehensive improvement of sexual performance makes it:

  • You have strong and long-lasting erections, so you enjoy a great experience.
  • You don’t finish too early, so you can love each other much longer.
  • You don’t feel the decline in sexual desire, and your libido is again at a high level.
  • You get an injection of male energy and thus you have more vigour.
  • Your sex life is fully successful and you can give your partner maximum pleasure.

Regular supplementation with Vigrafast strengthens the male body by regulating testosterone production, improving penile blood supply and removing erection problems. The effect of using Vigrafast is a significant improvement in the blood supply to the penis and a comprehensive improvement in sexual performance.

The price of Vigrafast is about 30 €, and by making a direct purchase from the official website of the manufacturer you will receive free packaging of the product.

Here you can order Vigrafast.

4. Vigrax

Vigrax is a completely natural preparation for men who want to permanently solve problems related to erection and low quality of sexual life. The formula of this preparation focuses on ground mace, ginseng and L-arginine. This product was created for mature men, but also for younger men, who often suffer from male ailments as a result of stress or unhealthy lifestyle.

Vigrax is a product that not only improves potency, but also brings results in the form of better functioning of the whole body and better condition. The product is intended for everyday use. It should be 2 capsules a day. The packaging contains 60 capsules, which cost 35 €, the manufacturer offers a promotion, thanks to which you can get free packaging of the supplement.

Order Vigrax here.

5. SperMAX Control

SperMAX Control is another noteworthy over-the-counter preparation, which, thanks to a rich combination of valued extracts, can permanently combat all problems with erection and reduced sexual abilities. Distributors of this supplement have treated those who use a very complicated formula. SperMAX Control contains as many as 18 active ingredients, among others: L- arginine, roots of maca, ginseng, lovage, clary or guarana.

Ingredients of the product SperMAX Control have been specially selected so as to eliminate not only potency disorders, but also other accompanying problems. This includes mood disorders, physical and mental fatigue, susceptibility to stress, apathy.

Regular use of SperMAX Control will ensure goodbye to problems with erection, increase in libido, improvement of sexual performance. Better quality of sperm, return of life energy or better psycho-physical condition. Two packages of this measure cost only 39 € and should last for 2 months.

Here you can order SperMAX Control.

6. Zytax

Zytax is a dietary supplement for men who are looking for a cure for problems with erection and maintaining proper erection for the entire duration of the sexual intercourse. The task of Zytaxu is also to stimulate libido and increase sexual possibilities, so we have a greater desire for sex than before, we can love longer and enjoy better, fuller orgasms or sensations.

The composition of Zytaxu is based on ground mace, L-arginine, ginseng and a unique complex ErextX Blend TM, which the manufacturer reserves. The cost of one package is small. We will pay for less than 30 €. If you purchase two or three packages, you will get additional product packaging for free.

Here you can order Zytax.

Over-the-counter potency tablets – choice and action

Erectile dysfunction products are based on sildenafil, natural plant extracts, L-arginine, and are sometimes enriched with numerous vitamins and minerals. Sildelafil preparations have their advantage. This is the erection of erections on request, so that immediately after use we will expect a strong and long-lasting erection. We will also get rid of embarrassing bed problems. Potency tablets are Mensil, Kamagra, Viagra, Maxon Active, Maxigra Go. However, such products also have many disadvantages.

It should be remembered that the use of these potency tablets with sildenafil has an immediate effect, and as a result the symptoms of erectile dysfunction disappear for a moment. In addition, by adopting measures of this type, we too often risk even greater problems with getting the erection at the right time and maintaining it without any help. Artificial stimulation of the body makes it accustomed to the presence of a synthetic substance.

Over-the-counter potency tablets – Where to get them?

The vast majority of innovative potency tablets, which include Eron Plus or other of our ranking, are not available in stationary pharmacies. However, it is possible to buy discreetly and conveniently via the Internet. We can do this by visiting the official website of the product, and by buying in this way we can be sure of the originality and quality of the product or the best price.

Opinions about potency tablets

The potency tablets presented in our ranking were favourably received by the users. Regular use of them brings great results, not only in terms of higher libido and solution of erection problems, but also in general mental or physical condition.

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