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There is no denying that the market of dietary supplements is besieged with products that are supposed to effectively increase muscle mass. Athletes have plenty to choose from, yet they are still looking for a golden mean with the best composition and great results. This time I decided to test a new product for Nutrigo Lab weight. I was intrigued by the original composition of the product and constantly appearing positive feedback. Is it possible that scientists have finally managed to create something that works quickly and effectively, but is inexpensive at the same time? Let’s see what Nutrigo Lab Mass is, how it affects the athlete’s body and who should use this supplement.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – what is it?

Nutrigo Lab Mass is a dietary supplement for athletes whose job it is to nourish, support and support growth and regeneration of muscles. People who care about speed Muscle mass gain by using this product can count on on the effects of increasing the amount of growth hormone, better muscle growth, improving performance and strength. Available in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla, conditioner, very quickly has gained popularity among professionals, who appreciated the following its composition and operation.

The Nutrigo Mass Lab has been created in cooperation with athletes who know the requirements, that their body has and they know what they need to achieve in order to achieve …the objectives set. It is thanks to this that this dietary supplement effectively supports building muscle mass, allowing you to achieve a significant amount of muscle mass. better results at the gym.

Composition and operation of Nutrigo Lab Mass

Nutrigo Lab Mass is a whole bunch of nutrients available in the form of a delicious shake in two flavours. Already one portion of a product contains, among other things:

  • 358 kcal;
  • 58,60 g of carbohydrates from three sources;
  • 23.01 g protein from Isolac® isolate, Optipep® hydrolysate and concentrate;
  • 3,000 mg of creatine monohydrate;
  • 2000 mg of amino acids BCAA and I-glutamine;
  • Twenty milligrams of zinc.

Concentrated composition supports the correct functioning of the product, which means that any person who systematically uses Nutrigo Lab Mass, he can count on full nourishment of the body. It should be remembered that the body an athlete has an increased need for various substances, and if we care about building a muscular figure, we need to ensure that all necessary products are supplied to him. Nutrigo The Lab Mass is the perfect choice for this application. Let’s see how the substances contained in the supplement work.

Three sources of protein – Isolac®, Optipep® and protein concentrate

High quality protein, originating in from three sources ensures full absorption. As we know, Protein is one of the most important muscle building blocks, therefore its quality is very important for athletes who want to enjoy a muscular silhouette. The conditioner allows you to gradual supply of proteins to the body of the active person, influencing for more efficient muscle mass enhancement.

Three sources of carbohydrates

The use of carbohydrates with different levels of absorption ensures that muscles and tissues are constantly nourished. Nutrigo Lab Mass Not only does it rapidly replenish glycogen deficiency and add strength, but it also provides nutrients for a few hours after consumption. Such action affects both faster growth and proper muscle regeneration.

Amino acids BCAA and l-glutamine

These are the ingredients that our body …it mostly produces on its own. However, with an intense physical effort may not be able to keep up with it, so they should be to be delivered from outside. Ideally in combination with proteins and with carbohydrates. Essential amino acids for proper functioning reduce muscle catabolism, affect immunity, and accelerates regeneration.


Creatine is considered to be one of the following the most effective pure sports nutrition. He’s taking active participation in building muscle mass and supports regeneration. In addition, it is known for its ability to increase the capacity and strength of the body, and this improves quality training.


Zinc plays a very important role in the production of testosterone in men. It also significantly supports the immune system.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – for whom?

Dietary supplement Nutrigo Lab Mass was created with the participation of professional bodybuilders and sportsmen. Therefore, it is intended primarily for physically active people, mainly those who train strength and count on a rapid increase in muscle mass. Nutrigo Lab Mass is the ideal option to provide your body with the right amount of calories, including proteins and carbohydrates, that are essential for muscle growth and regeneration.

The Nutrigo Lab Mass will help you with a short improve lean muscle mass, increase strength and endurance of the athlete’s body. Perfectly suited for professionals who want to improve their performance before …in competition. The specially concentrated composition of the product makes it possible to the body of an active person receives everything he or she needs in order to develop dynamically and properly.

Nutrigo Lab Mass effects

Systematically adopting the Nutrigo Lab Mass, you’ll get better results at the gym, among other things:

  • you’re gonna do a lot more repetitions;
  • you’ll improve hormone synthesis of height;
  • you’ll speed up the combustion process fat tissue;
  • you’re gonna increase anabolism and you’ll reduce muscle catabolism;
  • you’ll adjust your blood sugar levels;
  • you’re gonna make up for the glycogen deficiency.

How to use? Dosage Nutrigo Lab Mass

The Nutrigo Lab Mass is used for to replenish calories and nutrients over a period of time. of the day. It can be dosed 1-2 times a day after training and between meals. Just 4 doses of the supplement dissolve in 200 ml of water and milk. After the creation of a delicious shake drink the whole thing.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – Opinions

Nutrigo Lab Mass is a product eagerly recommended by athletes, which does not surprise anyone, since at the It was created with the participation of professionals. This dietary supplement has a unique composition and includes everything that an athlete’s body needs to increase lean muscle mass. It is a perfect product, which allows you to replenish your energy after training, as well as great option to have an extra meal during the day.

Both professional athletes and those who treat sport as a hobby praise the quick action of the product. The right amount of protein and carbohydrates as well as amino acid additives provide tissues and muscles with all the ingredients they need when they need them. Prolonged absorption of active substances makes the body nourish for many hours.

Nutrigo Mass Lab – summary

Nutrigo Mass Lab is an innovative weight supplement for athletes who want to grow muscle quickly. It was produced in cooperation with professionals who know what an active organism needs the most. The original composition and stepwise operation of the Nutrigo Lab Mass ensure fast effects. People who care about the even more effective action of the supplement may combine them with other brand products, which can be found on the following website manufacturer’s website. Don’t miss the opportunity, help your body by providing it with all the nutrients it needs after intense exercise!

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