Nutrigo Lab Burner for weight loss. A modern and extremely effective supplement that burns fat tissue

Fat reduction is a process that must be approached with commitment. Every athlete who wants to carve out a silhouette has a shorter way to success, because physical activity is normal for him/her. It is harder to lose weight for people who have been leading a sedentary lifestyle so far and want to change something, among other things, to lose weight and model their figure a little. It is practically impossible to lose weight without a properly chosen diet. You should also implement a systematic activity that will accelerate the effects. Despite this, weight loss is still a rather slow process, which should be approached with a large dose of patience. Fortunately, the results can be accelerated by using the Nutrigo Lab Burner dietary supplement, which – combined with diet and exercise – will provide us with a surprisingly fast slimming effect.

What is Nutrigo Lab Burner? A natural composition, composed by experienced scientists

For the rapid reduction of body fat it’s not just athletes that count. It is a dream of many men and women, who have often “planted” a little fat. The first step to success, as you know, is an adequate diet and start an active lifestyle. But not everyone knows, that there are natural substances that can effectively help the weight loss process, making the pounds start to disappear much faster. The composition of such ingredients was used in Nutrigo Lab Burner. Team of experienced scientists created a composition in which we find many well-known all of us natural products used in such a dose, to make slimming much faster, but also safe.

Key ingredients of the Nutrigo Lab Burner

Sinetrol® Xpur

It’s unique, patented by a producer of citrus and guarana extract. Citrus, e.g. grapefruits are known to contain a whole lot of the vitamins and minerals we need for a proper of functioning. There’s a large dose of caffeine in guarana, which it gives us a kick in the action, and it also helps speed up of metabolism, increasing the body’s thermogenesis.

Citrin®, extract from garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is known in Poland under the name of the tamarindee of Malabar. This plant contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is known to is from the fat burning properties. It works by reducing the synthesis of fatty acids and reduction of excessive appetite, while at the same time reducing the length of time to maintain a feeling of satiety. Moreover, HCA reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol in the body and lowers blood pressure, so it can foster the treatment of various system-related diseases of circulation.

Raspberry extract

Fruit that many of us love from because of their sweet taste. They’re great as tasty Snacks or dessert additives. They are also a source many very important vitamins for us, such as B1, B2, B6, Vitamin C, E, K and minerals, potassium, calcium and magnesium. They have . low glycemic index, thus helping to lower sugar levels in blood. In slimming, the effect of raspberries on the system is important. of food. They show antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, inhibit the multiplication of bad intestinal bacteria, so digestion progresses faster and unpleasant bloating and other digestive disorders are eliminated. They include . the so-called raspberry ketone, a compound that increases activity norepinephrine, which in turn is responsible for accelerating the processes of fat burning and prevents excessive fat burning putting it away.

Extract from the long oyster

The oyster long is known under more a popular name – turmeric. It’s an exotic spice, commonly used in the kitchen as a variety of dishes. It is also characterized by its high pro-health value, which owes its curcumin content – strong an antioxidant that can protect against cancer development. Turmeric improves digestion, speeds up metabolism, and in a certain it limits the growth of new fat cells.


That is black pepper extract, of which the most important part is a substance called piperine. It’s responsible for the significant acceleration metabolism and other digestive processes.


It is an element known for its properties that support metabolism. It works by primarily on the capture of free fatty acids and preventing the deposition of fat cells on tissues. It helps maintain proper blood sugar levels, regulates insulin secretion. It takes part in the synthesis of glycogen in of the muscles.


Fast and effective effects of using Nutrigo Lab Burner

The ingredients contained in the supplement effectively support the metabolism, reduce the accumulation of cells The fat content, improve digestion and strengthen thermogenesis. All of these processes promote faster weight loss, and so effective fat reduction. Nutrigo Lab Burner are slimming capsules designed to support reduction processes. What does that mean? Athletes who care on the sculpting of the silhouette, to make the muscles visible, they go to reduction, i.e. reduction of the amount of calories consumed daily and increase the intensity of workouts. This is the most effective a method to reduce the amount of body fat in of the body, but it is still quite a long process. Therefore, an effective reduction usually takes several months. Using Nutrigo Lab Burner, we can accelerate slimming, providing …to get the results faster. The special composition of the ingredients influences it helps to digest faster and eliminates uncomfortable flatulence, and this affects to make you feel better. The capsules also provide an additional source energy, motivating for more efficient training.

For whom the Nutrigo Lab is intended Burner?

Nutrigo Lab Burner is a dietary supplement created especially for professional athletes who care about sculpting their silhouettes and muscle enhancement. It can be used by anyone over 18 years old who is not allergic to any of the active ingredients. The Nutrigo Lab Burner has won recognition among both strength athletes and crossfit lovers.

Daily dose Nutrigo Lab Burner should be two capsules, taken about half an hour before with a meal or training. That’s all it takes to achieve the instantaneous effects of weight loss. Research shows that users The Nutrigo Lab Burner managed to shed up to 9 kg in in a month, which is over 2 kilograms more than to athletes who were reducing on the same rules, but no supplement.

Nutrigo Lab Burner is not only to help accelerate the breakdown of fat cells and reduce to put them away. The product significantly accelerates metabolism and adds energy, so you can train longer and more intensively, and so burn even more calories.

Where to buy and what is the price of Nutrigo Lab Burner?

Nutrigo Lab Burner is an original product, available directly from the manufacturer. It is enough to fill in the form on the website and wait for the courier to bring our goods to the indicated address. The price of one package of the supplement is 39 €, although buying more we can count on interesting discounts.

Nutrigo Lab Burner – consumer views

Practically every athlete who goes through a reduction process is looking for something to help him or her speed up the effects. There are many so-called fat burners on the market, but many of them contain substances that can be dangerous to health. The Nutrigo Lab Burner has been developed by a team of scientists who have composed a formula that consists only of safe natural ingredients and have used a dose of them to make it as effective as possible. Users confirm the supplement’s action, appreciating its help not only in sculpting the figure, but also in achieving better results in the gym.


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