How to enlarge the penis? Learn effective methods to increase penis size

Some men are not happy with the size of their member. This can lead to various types of disorders, especially in the sexual sphere. A small member is often a reason for a loss of confidence and fear of sexual intercourse. But is this a no-win situation? Many people ask themselves: how to enlarge their penis naturally? There are many interesting and proven ways to safely increase penis size. These include penis enlargement supplements, special exercises or accessories such as penis pumps or extenders. There are quite a few ways. There are also slightly more invasive methods like treatments and surgeries. In this article, we will learn how to enlarge your penis, if size matters, and where you can reduce your penis size.

Does penis size matter?

There is a lot of talk about the size of a member and a lot of men are insecure about it. However, statistics show that it is often not the size of the penis that has an impact on the quality of sexual intercourse. Interestingly, more than 83% of men are satisfied with the size of their penis and only 33% of the male population says that the length of the penis increases the satisfaction of the partner.

couple in bed after a satisfactory relationship

And what about women? Well, 25% the ladies think that, yes, the size of the penis can affect sexual satisfaction, but as many as 95% of them consider thickness more important.

As we can see, statistics show that there’s really nothing to worry about. Despite this, a huge number of men are still struggling with the problem of a small member, which affects both sexual functions and other areas of a man’s life. In that case, the best solution will be to try to enlarge the penis. In the following section I’ll present the methods you can use.

Natural ways to enlarge your penis

There are many ways to enlarge a penis. Some of them are non-invasive, others require a special intervention by a specialist. In this paragraph, we will address natural methods for penis enlargement, i.e. those that anyone can use on their own.

Penis enlargement pills

Penis enlargement pills are the most popular and preferred method for the enlargement of a member. Why? Well, it’s the simplest and least invasive way. Just buy a pack of capsules of natural composition, take them systematically and enjoy the body’s reaction. Such pills work by stimulating various processes in the body, by which blood reaches the penis faster, causing a quicker erection and visually lengthening the member. The bodies are being pushed apart of the cavernous penile, which results in an enlarged penis.

Among the most popular pills for penis enlargement we find supplements like:

  • Member XXL;
  • Semaxin;
  • Enlarge Errection;
  • Xtra Size;
  • Penilarge.

Penis enlargement gel

Among the supplements for penis enlargement, besides the pills, we’ll also find gels. They are characterized by a natural composition, containing substances which firm the skin of the penis and improve circulation. They are easy to use and relatively inexpensive, so you can count on them and check the effect.

The most popular gels for penis enlargement is:

  • Maral Gel;
  • Big Lover;
  • Deeper;
  • Platinum Gel.

Penis pump

If you’re wondering how fast and effectively enlarge your penis, you can use a simple tool – penis pump. It is a vacuum device in the form of a transparent cylinder that is applied to a member. By pumping, we inject air that causes the corpus cavernosum of the penis to grow, so that its size and thickness increase.

We divide the penis pumps into vacuum and vacuum-water types.

Vacuum penis pumps – they work by sucking the air inside the cylinder, which causes a vacuum. They are so-called “vacuums”. microcracks, which stimulate the process of regeneration and growth of tissue.

Vacuum-water penis pumps – work the same as standard vacuum pumps, but they use water environment that enhances safety of application.

It is best to use the penis pump about 30 minutes before the planned intercourse. It is very important that, once a member has reached the required size, remove the pump and place the ring around the base of the penis so that the blood collected doesn’t flow away. After the intercourse, it is essential to remember to remove the ring.

Penis expanders

Expanders, also called Extenders, are used to stretch the member. The purpose is penis lengthening, although users of such accessories also claim to have noticed that it is getting thicker. How does the expander work? Its function is mainly to stretch. Under the influence of the force generated by the device, the penis is stretched, adapting to the load.

It takes quite a long time to wait for the effects of using an expander, but the producers are convinced that the results are already permanent. It is recommended to wear such an extender for a few hours a day, which doesn’t sound very encouraging for some men. Fortunately, the device is so subtle that you can hide it under your clothes.

You should know that the expanders should not be worn if we plan to train or intend to to drink alcohol.

Ginkgo biloba preparation for penis enlargement

Ginkgo biloba in traditional Chinese medicine is used mainly to improve memory. Some studies have shown that it also increases the blood flow to the penis, supporting erection and ensuring its optical extension.

Penis enlargement exercises

Not all men realize that they can lengthen the member by performing systematic exercises. This kind of training helps increase the blood supply to the penis, leading to its elongation and thickening. What’s more, practicing regularly, you can also count on stronger erections and increasing the sexual experience. What exercises for penis enlargement are recommended?

Traditional stretching

Grab the head of your penis and start stretch it forward. Stretching should be firm, but enough not to cause any pain. Hold it through around 10-15 seconds.

Stretching along

Pull the head of the penis down and hold for about 5-20 seconds. The force of the pull should be similar as in the first version of the exercise.

Longitudinal stretching – a variant II. Grasp the head of the penis, directing the movement upwards, towards belly. Hold it for about 5-10 seconds.

All of the above options are one stretch series. Make about 10 such series.

Traditional stretching is the simplest penis enlargement exercise. There are other methods of member stretching, which I will present below.

Alternative version of stretching

Another method of stretching is somewhat different. Follow the instructions below.

Grab an acorn firmly with your hand so that the grip does not cause any discomfort.

Place your other hand at the base of the member.

Start stretching until you’ll feel your penis stretching.

Hold the stretching position approx. 10-15 seconds.

Take a short break, then repeat the exercise several times.

Opposite stretch

Use your thumb to firmly press the skin back into your body. With the rest of your fingers, secure the position. Hold on to about 10 seconds. After a short break, repeat the exercise.

You should know: This method is not entirely safe because it stops the blood flow, so the position of the extension should not be maintained for more than 10 seconds.

Kegel method

To do this exercise correctly, it is necessary to locate the frontal-muscular muscle, which can be localized when you stop urinating. Exercise is to tighten the muscle and maintain tension by a few seconds. The exercise should be repeated several times a day. Performing this exercise systematically can bring the effect of a visible elongation and thickening of the penis, because it causes increased blood flow to the penis.


This method is mainly used by African and Asian people, although it is also known in Europe. It is also commonly called penis milking.

This exercise consists in bringing of a member for a partial erection, without causing a full erection. By putting the thumb to the index finger in an O shape, place the O-shaped gesture at the base of the penis. Then make the massaging movements of the member by moving hand from the root to the tip. This method pumps blood to the corpus cavernosum of the penis, which is conducive to its enlargement.

It is recommended starting the exercise with a small number of repetitions of massaging movements, with each subsequent session, increasing their number.

Circular method for penis enlargement

Grab the tip of your penis with your right hand, firmly, but so as not to cause any pain. Stretch out by doing circular motion. Perform the exercise for about 30 seconds in a clockwise direction. Then repeat the exercise also for about 30 seconds in the opposite direction.

Exercises for penis enlargement with weights

The effectiveness of this method has been scientifically proven, nevertheless, for safety reasons, it is recommended starting with simpler methods, such as those mentioned above.

To do this exercise, you will need a special load to stretch your penis. In order to properly stretch the member, start moving when the penis is flaccid. The stretching should be done downwards.

For the effects of such stretching we will need to wait, but if you do it systematically, the results are apparently very good. However, the experts still consider stretching the penis with weights one of the most dangerous methods, so they should be done very carefully.

What are the benefits of doing penis enlargement exercises?

The main purpose of the exercises is obviously penis enlargement. But you can get from it other benefits as well, among others:

  • increase in circumference and length of the penis;
  • enhance the erection;
  • extending the duration of the erection;
  • intensified sexual experience;
  • increase control over ejaculation.

Do penis enlargement exercises have any side effects?

Most of exercises for penis enlargement are safe, but only if we’re careful and we use the appropriate technique. Unfortunately, too much pressure or a too intensive training can lead to damage of the cavernous bodies or ligaments of a member. They may also result in side effects:

  • pain;
  • bruising or swelling of the penis;
  • scars;
  • erection problems.

To avoid such ailments, it is worth following these guidelines:

  • use of lube – exercises is easier to do when the skin is moisturized;
  • use of a magnifying cream – after training it is worthwhile to apply a tissue nourishing cream to speed up regeneration and exercise effects;
  • providing a comfortable environment – you should find your own position as comfortable as possible to exercise; in the event of pain, you should immediately to stop training;
  • start with not more than twice a day – too much training can lead to side effects.

Optical penis enlargement

Some men don’t need the physical lengthening of the penis, just to enlarge it optically. How do you do that? We don’t need pills or other supplements, no exercise is necessary either. Just… take care of yourself a little bit.

Overweight loss

A large tummy and too much the fat on the thighs can make the penis seem smaller. Application of an appropriate diet plus a systematic one physical exercise will be good for everyone, and the member will also he can benefit from it. When your weight decreases, your penis it will look bigger.

Intimate area depilation

Excessive hair can optically to reduce the appearance of the member, so it is worth betting on systematic depilation of the intimate area.

Invasive magnification penis – treatments

Natural methods are the safest and anyone can do it at home, without having to agree with a doctor. It usually takes quite a long time for them to work, However, the big advantage is low price or no costs at all.

Gentlemen, for whom the enlargement a member is a matter of high priority and they don’t want to wait, they can take advantage of the more invasive and more expensive methods performed in professional medical practices. What methods are they?

Plastics VY

It’s a surgical method that consists of a ligament cut that anchors the penis in the pelvic bone. This is a triangular incision whose edges are pulled off together and stitched together in a V-shaped, hence the name. This treatment effectively lengthens the penis, but also makes it less stable during an erection.

Suprapubic lactomy

This is a procedure that is mainly performed in of overweight and obese men. It involves the removal a piece of skin and fat from the penis. The removed piece is shaped the trapeze, and its ends are sewn together, lifting the skin around of the pelvis and exposing the member.

Skin graft

This treatment consists of removing a piece of skin from the patient’s body (this is usually the piece taken from the lower back, buttocks or lower abdomen) along with a layer of fat. The cut out fragment then grafts to the place where the skin is cut from the penis. Then the skin stands on it and the member gets thicker, and the member gains volume. Where the graft is made from the skin of the body, the risk the rejection of the transplant is very small.

Injections of hyaluronic acid

This is one of the more popular penis enlargement procedures. It consists of an injection into hyaluronic acid-based penis gel. It is made in a local anesthetic and lasts about 40 minutes. After the procedure, the patient may to go home. To increase the effect, after the injections Hyaluronic acid should be used for massages which are is to prevent the gel from moving.

Studies show that this method allows you to enlarge the penis by about 1-2 centimeters in length and bold it up to 5 centimeters. Acid injections hyaluronic are considered to be one of the best currently the treatments available also in terms of safety. It is not but without flaws. Well, hyaluronic acid is a substance biodegradable, which means that the effects of the procedure will not be permanent and after about 2 years, it will have to be repeated. Another disadvantage is the need for sexual temperance for a period of approx. 2-4 weeks after the procedure. The cost is about 900 – 1500 €.

Surgery for penis enlargement penis

Although the operation is possible, in further because it’s a procedure quite complicated and currently performed only in …of specialized clinics. The operation is invasive, and its execution does not guarantee 100% efficiency and safety.

How the zoom operation works penis?

The procedure is to loosen the ligament and hang the part of the penis, hidden behind the skin fold. Thanks to this process, the member can be up to 3 centimeters longer.

Side effects that may occur after the surgery, this:

  • penis deformity;
  • permanent impotence;
  • infection;
  • complete loss of experience sexual;
  • inability to achieve erection or orgasm.

Persons interested in surgery penis enlargement, they should get to know the clinic thoroughly, that offers the treatment, and get to know the doctor’s opinion performing the procedure. It is also worth considering others first, safer penis enlargement methods.

Why is my penis small? Factors that can reduce penis size

A small member size is not always the result of the genes, sometimes influenced by external factors. Let’s see what can affect the small size of the penis.


This is a procedure that involves removing the foreskin that covers the acorn at birth. It’s . it is usually carried out for religious reasons (practices are popular in Judaism and Islam). After that, there’s a scar on the skin that shrinks after a while, which can shorten the penis by up to 5%.

Accidents and injuries

Or more precisely, the scars from such situations can arise. They can shorten the penis in the same way as circumcision.

Lowering testosterone levels

Too little testosterone carries with many different consequences, disrupting the correct the functioning of the body, so you should always make sure that the testosterone level was adequate. One of the effects of lowering the level of this hormone is to reduce penis size and problems with achieving a full erection. Testosterone levels can increase by changing lifestyles, introducing good habits by using natural dietary supplements, such as Testolan or Member XXL.


Drug abuse, especially of cigarettes, can contribute to reducing the size a member. Studies have shown that addictive smoking destroys networks of capillaries, including in nature. It turns out that men who smoke habitually are of inferior quality of semen, which can cause them fertility problems. It is estimated that smoking can also cause disorders erection.

Abnormalities in the phase fetal development and puberty

The way a pregnant woman takes care of herself, is very important to the child. Any dirt, such as heavy metals and chemicals, can affect for a disorder in the child’s developmental phase. Very large diet is also important. A pregnant woman should be eating to be healthy by consuming products rich in essential microelements to the proper development of the fetus. Smoking mother’s cigarettes during the period pregnancy can also affect developmental disorders, including of genital development.

The damage to a member

Penis damage can occur in under various circumstances, interestingly enough, the researchers claim that birth is most often traumatized during sex. Most often it happens during sexual intercourse from behind, but be careful at all times. The most common is . an injury is the interruption of tissue continuity, commonly called a “break” of the penis. It’s quite a painful injury that should be cure well before the next play. Maybe he can also lead to a slight reduction in the length of the penis.

Is the penis worth enlarging?

According to the “Polish Sexuality Survey” conducted in 2012, 33% of men believe that penis size is important. The same sentence is approx. The same opinion is shared by about 25% of women. However, it is worth mentioning that over 87% of the men surveyed are satisfied with their own size.

pleased couple

Is it worth enlarging your penis? There are many different ways to do this, some are safe and non-invasive, others involve more a risk. In terms of natural ways and safety exercises, anyone can try them out and see if a given the way it works. The pills have excellent opinions and over-the-counter gels that can improve in a few weeks the length and thickness of the member by a few centimetres. If it’s about surgical methods, they involve much more the risks are also much more expensive, and they don’t always give 100% effectiveness. Men who think about such the solution, they should think about it carefully and consult with a doctor who will give a professional opinion. It is worth remembering that health is paramount and it’s better not to get carried away by the risky methods without a thorough analysis of the pros and cons.

Can a lifestyle affect member size?

We already know that a healthy lifestyle can to help us improve our condition and well-being, and to influence better erection and quality of sexual experience. But is the diet may also be relevant to the length of the member? Volume the member during an erection depends on the capacity of the cavernous bodies and the amount of blood that gets into the penis tissue during an erection. By consuming the right products, we can improve of erection mechanisms, and thus for a larger and more intense erection, which in turn will make the member seem bigger. Yes most penis enlargement pills just work. Their the task is to stimulate the mechanisms of a normal erection and increase the blood supply to the penis, making it longer, and the more he’s filled with blood, the bigger his thickness.

Ways to enlarge the penis – summary

There are different ways to penis enlargement, unfortunately not all of them are safe and non-invasive. Surgical procedures in this area are quite expensive the case, and what’s more, most of them only give temporary effects. A good option is to use supplements for magnification of a penis without a prescription. They are not only effective in improve the length and thickness of the penis, but support the overall the condition of the body, help to even out testosterone levels and provide a better mental condition. Moreover, such ways are completely safe for the body.

An interesting way is also performing stretching exercises that can help in to achieve a larger member size. Most of these exercise is safe, but it is also worth taking care of the correct technique and to gradually increase frequency and strength of exercise.

All of the above methods have your advantages and disadvantages, with care for your own health, are worth decide on the ones that can bring the best results and show the least side effects.

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