Eroxel – opinions and effects of use. Fast penis enlargement or slow improvement of erection?

Eroxel is a product designed for men who feel insecure because they suffer from small penis syndrome. A small-sized member should not be a reason for despair, and yet among many men it causes low self-esteem, which can lead to self-confidence disorders, reluctance to sexual intercourse, sometimes even to depression.

Fortunately, we live in the twenty-first century and the problem of the small penis is easy to deal with by using appropriate supplements. One such product is Eroxel – several component tablets for penis enlargement for men. Is this a worth attention product? What is its operation and what does it consist of? Let’s see.


Eroxel – action of tablets on penis enlargement

The action of Eroxel is based on a mixture of plant ingredients, which together increase the size of the penis and improve sexual sensations. What is more, the product strengthens erection and prolongs the intercourse time.

The action of the supplement is based on:

– decongestion of blood vessels

– increase in testosterone levels

– increase in the volume of the penis chambers

Eroxel stimulates sexual functions in men, and by improving testosterone production, increases libido and provides a higher dose of energy

Composition of Eroxel – a mixture of plant extracts.

Zinc – eliminates the feeling of fatigue, improves men’s potency.

Ginseng extract – adds energy, reduces tension in blood vessels.

Extract from pumpkin seeds – increases libido and sexual functions in men.

Cranberry fruit extract is a source of valuable vitamins: C, B1 and B2, as well as dietary fiber and mineral salts, which have a beneficial effect on potency.

Extract from liquorice root – regulates the hormone balance, increases the willingness to have sex.

L-Arginine HCL – plays an important role in the synthesis of nitric oxide, which causes dilatation of blood vessels and relaxation of their smooth muscles – makes the blood supply to the penis more efficient and the cavernous bodies of the penis are able to retain more of it. This is important when increasing the size of the penis and improving the length of the erection.

Eroxel consists mainly of plant components and natural substances. These are products known to medicine, the effects of which have been tested and confirmed. However, does Eroxel contain enough of them to ensure appropriate results? Let’s see.


Eroxel – effects of use

The aim of taking Eroxel is to enlarge the penis size and improve sexual performance. However, this is not a product that works in a flash and you usually have to wait a little while for the effects. An improvement in mood and an increase in libido can be already seen after about a week of systematic use. Then the enlargement of the penis also becomes noticeable. Or at least it should.

Eroxel is a product consisting mostly of natural ingredients, so it should be safe for health. Its effects are gradual and although satisfaction with sexual life increases, the product works only as long as the treatment lasts – 15 days.

Unfortunately, after taking the supplement in most cases the man’s body returns to its previous state and the problem appears again.

Eroxel – contraindications

Eroxel consists of natural ingredients, so the risk of side effects after its use is very low. Nevertheless, the product should not be used by people who are allergic to any of the active substances.

Price of Eroxel – where to buy?

Eroxel is a relatively new product on the market and the only good source from which it can be purchased is the manufacturer’s website. The packaging of the product costs approx. 40 € plus shipping costs.

When you buy Eroxel, you get a stock of capsules for 15 days. So this is quite an exorbitant price for a two-week treatment, since for the same amount of money we can buy products with similar effects with a stock for the whole month. Before you decide on the purchase, consider whether this is a profitable decision and whether there is something that will work better and longer for the same price.

Eroxel – opinions of men

Opinions on the action of Eroxel are divided. On the Internet we will find a lot of positive opinions and voices praising the speed of the product. However, there are also neutral and negative reviews. Some people claim that the product provided them with energy, but it did not affect the enlargement of the penis. Many users complain that the effects on sexual stimulation are too small.
After reading these opinions, the question arises: what makes the effects of using Eroxel unsatisfactory for so many men? Probably the reason is an improper composition of active ingredients. It is not about the composition itself, the products contained in the supplement actually have the effect that we have given above. However, their dose is important. Perhaps the manufacturer wanted to save money and included too few of the most important substances that could effectively help to achieve sexual satisfaction

Well, if you are one of the people dissatisfied with the action of Eroxel or you are looking for some interesting alternatives, we recommend trying something else. After reviewing products for penis enlargement and comparing opinions about them, we bet on Member XXL – a product that has been winning in the rankings of remedies for penis enlargement for some time.


The best tablets for penis enlargement? Check Member XXL

Member XXL is a product that has been a furore on the market for a long time. Men continue to recommend this supplement, praising the effects it provides. Our attention to Member XXL has been drawn for long and since then we have been systematically monitoring the increase in popularity of the product, regularly checking the opinions of users.

Our survey showed that more than 90% of people using Member XXL are satisfied with the results it provides. Men talk about fast effects, visible penis enlargement after just a week of use and a significant increase in libido and sexual performance.

What is Member XXL and how does it work so well? Are you wondering if there are no banned substances in it? Well, Member XXL is a 100% natural composition in high doses, so that each of the active substances performs its task. The manufacturer does not spare on the riches of nature, puts in his product a sufficient amount of each important for the male condition, thus obtaining an ideal supplement to enlarge the penis and improving sexual performance.

Ingredients in Member XXL:

l-arginine – adds energy, increases sexual desire,

fenugreek – improves libido, induces a longer erection,

extract from ginseng root – provides an additional injection of energy, affects sexual performance,

saffron extract – increases the girth of the penis,

black pepper extract – supports metabolism, positively affects mood.

And additionally:

– Chinese lemon,

– ground mace,

– sabre palm.

The effect of each of these ingredients on the improvement of penis blood supply and potency has been proven. Member XXL affects not only the optical enlargement of the penis, but also provides greater sexual performance by increasing the level of energy and endurance of the body.

Member XXL tube

Why choose Member XXL?

– The effect of penis enlargement is visible already after the first application,

– increases libido and sexual satisfaction,

– improves and prolongs erection,

– The ingredients of the product stimulate the natural production processes of hormones responsible for sexual performance,

– 100% natural composition,

– a lot of positive reviews,

Member XXL is one of the most popular products for potency and penis enlargement for men. Proven ingredients in the right dose provide the required results, which translates into user satisfaction. In our opinion, this is the No. 1 product and we would like to recommend it to all men who are struggling with problems in sexual intercourse.


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