Dr Extenda – opinions, actions, effects. How my sexual performance has improved

Dr Extenda is a product which is becoming more and more popular in Poland. It is a supplement for erection, aimed at the effective improvement of sexual life, which is very important for each of us. Many men of a certain age, unfortunately, are starting to have problems in this area. I must admit that I wasn’t one of the exceptions and I’ve tried many times the preparations that were supposed to help me fight the problem of erectile dysfunction. Few of them had the effect I wanted until I came across the product. Dr Extenda. It is a unique product, characterized by its original composition and high efficiency. For some time now it has been at the top of the rankings of the best potency products.

As soon as I received the packaging of the capsules, I came across something special. Do not misunderstand me, there are many different products on the market, operating in a way that was supposed to be satisfactory, and proved to be worthless money spent. My first impression, however, was quite positive, so I started to use the product regularly.

Dr Extenda – action

The action of Dr Extenda is based on a three-phase formula, which is based on a gradual release of active substances of the product, so that its effect is felt even after withdrawal. According to the supplement is the dilatation of blood vessels, thus facilitating the flow of blood to the penis.

Erectile dysfunction is often caused by reduced testosterone levels due to stress, chronic fatigue or poor diet. The manufacturer of the product has stated that these are problems caused by negligence and can easily be prevented by appropriate measures. So he used a combination of effective natural substances and created a product that, already after the first use, visibly improves erection and adds energy to the action.

Dr Extenda – composition and safety of use

Excellent effects and fast action Dr Extenda owes to concentrated and carefully selected ingredients. It is a product based on nature, which means that it has no side effects and is completely safe to use.

The high concentration of each active substance makes the testosterone level rise optimally, our body recovers energy and libido improves. All of this contributes to the satisfaction of sexual life and the improvement of general wellbeing.

The original composition of Dr Extenda and its extraordinary effectiveness is guaranteed by:

L-arginine – an amino acid responsible for dilatation of blood vessels in our body. Helps to oxygenate the cells and increases the efficiency of the body. In a high dose l-arginine prevents premature ejaculation and increases the length of erections,

Matzo root extract – the maca root is a great energy product, which makes the body has more energy to act. It deacidifies and cleanses the body, removing harmful substances that often affect erection problems,

fenugreek extract – increases the concentration of testosterone in the body, which improves energy and well-being. Supports the immune system and combats potency problems. It also has a strong stimulating effect,

Zinc – stimulates the prostate. Adjusts testosterone levels and improves libido in men. It has a positive effect on the general condition of the body, increases immunity and reduces the feeling of fatigue. It has a positive effect on fertility,

damiana powder extract – an ingredient of which a small amount has an invigorating and regenerating effect on a man. It is a product that improves mood, adds energy and stimulates. It helps to increase self-confidence, regulates the hormonal balance and sensitises the senses during sexual intercourse, providing a much better experience,

Muira Puama – a plant from South America that has been used as an aphrodisiac in natural medicine for many years. Raises libido, reduces stress and helps to fully enjoy sex

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The composition of Dr Extenda is not only an appropriate selection of ingredients, but also their optimal dose, which makes our body regains strength, willingness to act and willingness to have sex. It worked very well on me, after a week of application I felt like a newborn. As if I was a new man. After taking the preparation I noticed benefits not only in terms of sex, although I admit that I was delighted, but also in terms of the general condition of the body. I don’t come back from work exhausted anymore, and in the morning I get up with a smile on my lips.

The effect of Dr Extenda is the better, that after the end of use, the body still feels the results. The product does not addictive and does not cause any side effects, which makes it can be used without hindrance. It is an innovation in the field of potency improvement, which every day gathers more and more followers.

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Dr Extenda – three-phase action

Unique formula Dr Extenda is based on three-phase release of ingredients. See what it is all about:

first phase: preparatory – called preliminary phase, during which the body reacts very strongly to Maca root extract, which removes all toxins from the body. From the first dose, the absorption of more nutrients begins, and the body calms down as stress levels are reduced,

second phase: supportive – also known as the main phase. The body begins to react to l-arginine, improves blood flow, increases energy levels, increases libido. Erections are more intense and last longer. This phase appears after approx. 5 days of use,

third phase: full stabilization – this is the phase in which the product is fully functional, in which the hormonal-muscle memory is used, which remembers the stimuli during erection, so that the effects of using Dr Extenda are visible even after stopping consuming the supplement.

Dr Extenda – dosage

For best results, it is best to take two capsules a day, one about 20 minutes before breakfast and the other about 20 minutes before lunch. It is not recommended to drink milk, as this may delay the absorption of nutrients.

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When used regularly, the product improves sexual performance to a significant extent and for a long time.

Dr Extenda – my opinion

Before starting to use Dr Extenda, I used several popular products available on the market. I noticed some interesting effects while accepting some of them, but none of them fully satisfied me. Only when I ordered Dr Extenda can I say that I am completely satisfied. I have been using this supplement for three months and my life has improved significantly. I feel great, I’m much more eager to have sex and I don’t have any problems with erection.

I believe that every man who has noticed a decrease in libido should decide to use the product Dr Extenda. This is certainly an innovation in the fight against erectile dysfunction. Three-tasking formula works very well, and judging by the opinions of Dr Extenda, which can be found on the Internet, I am not the only person 100% satisfied with the product’s performance.

Dr Extenda – price, where to buy

The product is best bought on the original website. The cost per package is about 59 € and in my opinion it is a good price compared to the results.


You can see, Dr Extenda is a completely safe agent, supporting potency and alleviating erection problems. I am convinced that many men of my age would like to recommend this supplement to their friends. I do it with joy, because since I started the treatment Dr Extenda, my life and everyday life has changed for the better. I won’t win with age, but I can overcome the problems by using a golden mean, which is Dr Extenda. In my opinion, this is the No. 1 potency budget and although I’ve tried many products, it was this one that worked best for me.

Order Dr Extenda today and enjoy great erections and amazing sexual experiences.

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