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Today isThursday,25April,2019


Youth Leaders Urged to Relay HIV Prevention Message to their Peers

“Overall, 3.7% of young women and men age 15-24 are HIV-positive and HIV prevalence among young women is markedly higher than among men, except for youth age 15-17 where there is nearly no difference in HIV prevalence between women and men.”

These statistics were shared by Michael Muyonga from the Ministry of Health during a two days’ national capacity building and awareness creation workshop on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st in Kampala. The workshop was organized by The Young People’s Self-Coordinating Entity which collaborates with the Uganda AIDS Commission in the coordination of the national HIV/AIDS response for leaders of National Youth Associations and Networks.

Speaking on behalf of the Chairman of Uganda AIDS Commission, Tom Etii urged the national youth leaders to demonstrate self-control and create awareness, citing lack of awareness in certain communities like Karamoja region were certain people still view HIV/AIDS as a disease for only women. “As leaders you should share rightful information and guide the people in your constituencies to make informed choices,” said Tom, the Coordinator Public Sector.

At the workshop experts from the Uganda AIDS Commission made presentations on the role of National youth leaders in the national HIV/AIDS response, advocacy and communication, and the national HIV/AIDS Partnership assisting the youth leaders know their role in achieving Zero HIV infections.

The forum was also used to call upon the leaders of National Youth Associations to include HIV/AIDS issues in their programmes.

By the end of the workshop, the participants had received training on the HIV/AIDS messages, effective coordination, leadership, team and partnership building, resource mobilization, monitoring and evaluation.