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National HIV/AIDS Prevention


Nation-wide HIV/AIDS activities in Uganda are guided by the National HIV Prevention Strategy (NPS) 2011-2015. The strategy aims to achieve the National HIV Prevention goal of reducing new HIV infections by 40% by 2015. Uganda AIDS Commission is mandated to offer leadership in the overall coordination of the national efforts in curbing drivers of the epidemic.

The HIV Prevention Strategy aims to:

  1. Increase adoption of safe sex behavior and reduce risky behavior.

  2. Expand the access to and use of biomedical prevention interventions.

  3. Mitigate socio-cultural and structural drivers of the HIV.

  4. Reach a more coordinated HIV prevention response.

  5. Strengthen information systems for HIV prevention at all levels.

After the Brazil AIDS 2008 meeting declaration the HIV Prevention Function was established in AIDS Commissions. Among the core responsibilities of the HIV Prevention Department is to:

  • Ensure that the HIV prevention is factored into all development sectors.

  • Develop and widely disseminate HIV prevention guidelines.

  • Coordinate the development of HIV prevention messages by different actors.

  • Advocate for HIV prevention in Uganda.

  • Identify HIV prevention priorities for research and implementation.

HIV Prevention Committees

acts as the overall policy and program advisory body for the national HIV prevention response in Uganda. It comprises experts from various organizations who are partners in HIV prevention. The Committee is headed by Prof. Fred Wabwire Mangen of Makerere University School of Public Health.Other Committee members are from:

Ministry of Health, Uganda National Health Research Organization, Uganda, Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organizations (UNASO), AIDS Information Centre, Ministry of Defense, State House,WHO, Inter-religious Council of Uganda, Ministry of Internal Affairs – Prisons & Police, Ministry of Education and Sports, People Living with HIV, USAID, Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, Centers for Disease Control, UNFPA, The World Bank and Uganda AIDS Commission.

Committee screens all HIV/AIDS messages generated by different actors to ensure that simple, clear and accurate messages are passed on to Ugandans.It is headed by Noreen Kaleba- TASO and reports to the National HIV Prevention Committee.It has a membership of18 experts from key government ministries including the Ministry of Health, media regulators, and key agencies involved in HIV/AIDS activities.

coordinates networks and programs of Ugandan people who face the highest HIV risk in the entire country.

is composed of representatives mainly from Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development, Forum of Kings, UNFPA, UNESCO AIDS Information Centre and Uganda AIDS Commission. The committee oversees the implementation of HIV/AIDS activities among cultural institutions.

in the Ministry of Health, the ABC Committee (Abstinence, Be Faithful and Condom Use, the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission-PMTCT and Treatment committees fall under the supervision of the National HIV Prevention Committee.

Achievements 2012/2013

  • The leadership advocacy strategy was completed and will soon be launched.

  • The HIV prevention messages were disseminated to all districts in Uganda.

  • Clan leaders of Bunyoro,Buganda and Bugwere were equipped with the new HIV prevention message.

  • Community dialogue meetings and studies were concluded in Bunyoro, Toro, Busoga, Bugisu and Karamoja.

  • Follow up of HIV prevention activities in Buganda cultural institutions was completed.

  • Two new specialized committees were formed.