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Today isThursday,25April,2019

Multi-Sectoral Response

Involvement of all Sectors in HIV Prevention, Care And Support

Uganda AIDS Commission with funding from several development partners supports and coordinates HIV and AIDS programs of 40 government ministries, agencies and departments, including Prisons, Police and the Army.

The multi-sectoral response to the epidemic by various government ministries is harmonized to ensure consistency and equity in service delivery, minimize duplication and optimize the resources available. The sectors include education, health, transport, agriculture and fisheries etc.

Achievements To-date

  • Uganda AIDS Commission in collaboration with Parliament of Uganda have initiated the establishment of an AIDS Trust Fund. Through this fund money will be raised to run the HIV/AIDS intervention. If this Bill is passed, Uganda will be able to fund its HIV program with limited external donor support.
  • Government ministries have formed HIV/AIDS committees. These committees plan, implement, and monitor for HIV/AIDS activities within each ministry.
  • Furthermore, Government Ministries have developed workplace policies to help the staff handle HIV issues, eliminate stigma and discrimination.
  • Some ministries such as the Ministry of Education and Sports have disseminated HIV/AIDS Sector Guidelines and Workplace Policies to district and municipal education officers. Some, nine million learners are being reached with the HIV prevention message.